BL Touch v 3.1 upgrade mod?

Currently running ADVi3++ v 4.0.1 on my Monoprice Maker Select Plus, loving it. After being home for over five weeks because of the lock down and been printing 18-24 hours a day, my MKS Mosfet upgrade mod for the bed finally bit the bullet.

While waiting for a new mosfet to arrive, I’ve been thinking about upgrading to BL Touch. However have a few questions, hoping this group can help.

  1. Is the new BL Touch v3.1 compatible with the ADVi3++ v 4.0.1 or later?

  2. Anyone have any good experience with printed mounts for the BLTouch? Only spot on my extruder head is to the right of where the original front fan was mounted from factory. Currently have an LED light mounted to that L-shaped arm. The shown LED mount was made by me, so I can modify it to accept a BLTouch mount.

Monoprice Extruder Head

  1. Any tips or suggestions on installing to main board and software. I believe I’ll need to upgrade the ADVi3++ with BLTouch.

I’m planning on purchasing on Amazon the BLTouch v3.1 with 2 meter cable directly from Antclabs. Any help, suggestions and tips greatly appreciated.

Yes. This is fact the model I now use for all my tests.

@Temuba what extruder is that? Your own design?

@Temuba There is a very detailed manual Here. I used it to successfully install the BLTouch v3.1 on my Monoprice Maker Select Plus. It will only work if you adjust the Z axis perpendicular to the X and Y axis. I used a square to adjust the Z frame so the top corners were square (to the X axis).
I used a carpenter’s roofing square, here on Amazon.

Salty Doug

Sorry for the delay here. Just got the printer up and running again. That is a Bondtech extruder for the Wanhao I3 or equivalent clone. It uses a dual gear to push/pull the filament. See the Bondtech website for more details, they make these for most other printer manufacturers.

The upgrade extruder sells for $100US complete. However I was able to find the stl files for the extruder and print it in PETG filament. The necessary hardware I purchased off of Alibaba for about $25.

This extruder is amazing, it’ll allow you to print up to 50% faster, if not more. No slipping since it grabs the filament with two gears, not the factory stock of one gear and a bearing. Because of the two gears if allows for faster print speeds with no slipping. David

Thanks for the follow up. Waiting on delivery this week of the BLTouch v3.1. Will need to purchase additional female hardware for the main board. Thanks again, David