BL-Touch on the Aldi Balco 3D Printer (HE180021) with version 5.1 mother board

I really want to install the BL-Touch on my Aldi Balco 3D Printer. So I have a few questions:

  • Is this printer suitable for this.
  • Do you still have the help files available to do this and this printer (if I become a patreon)
  • Is the flash file still available and customizable with my own intro (if I become a patreon) I saw you mentioned on teachers tech were he upgraded a cocoon with a BL Touch. But links to the “ADVi3pp BLtouch install instructions” gives a 404.


It is a rebadged Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus so yes.


The precompiled binaries (including the resources) are available for supporters of the project. There are under “Binaries” (only visible if you are a supporter and you select a Tier on Patreon).

Note that installing a BLTouch involves some soldering on the Mainboard. So you have to be comfortable with that, with some good material. Otherwise, you may damage the mainboard.

It is also imperative to buy a genuine BLTouch. Clones are not supported and DO NOT WORK with ADVi3++.

I desided to become a patreon just before you posted this (or almost at the same time) because I see you everywhere on the internet. So You really put a lot of effort in this.

Thanks for your answers.
I will let you know if I need any help

PS Soldering is not a problem.

This video from Teaching Tech covers it well

Thats how I found this site, and no, it just covers it, but you still need the install instructions in my opinion.

This video is old, for a previous version of ADVi3++

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Yes, I first checked the vendors in Belgium on and then I ordered it (that was yesterday) and I already got it today. The only official vendor in Belgium is

Hi, on the forum: Add a BLTouch Sensor
It says this: “For Wanhao i3 Plus printers and exact clones
IMPORTANT : If you have a Aldi Balco 3D Printer model HE180021, do not follow these instructions but the specific instructions in the next part.”

But my board looks exact like the Wanhao clone although its a HE180021 (Aldi Balco)
I know we discussed this, but I still dont know what to do.

Here is a photo of my board.
Should I ignore that sentence and install like its an exact clone, or skip the part?

Thanks for your help.

I do not see the mode, number of your board in the picture. If it is a 5.1, it is a clone. If it is a 5.2c, it is not.

Oeps, I forgot to photograph that. I will do that this weekend and let you know. I thought you could see it from the layout of the board.

Looks very like a 5.1. But it is better to be sure.

And you are right again :slight_smile:

Thanks again, So I will continue with the section where it says: “For Wanhao i3 Plus printers (and exact clones)”

PS: dont mind the white wire like thing there, its a piece of filament :slight_smile:

I promised to keep you informed about my progress.
I did exacly as you discribed and it works exactly as you promised!
First I printed the mount, then I soldered the pinheaders:
then Put the female pins on it
I took the board out for these steps.
Then I mounted the BLTouch on the teaching tech mount.
After I flashed first the screen with the image and then the mainboard, everything worked as it should. I found the teaching tech mount (for the offset)in the menu and folowed the steps. All very easy.

I just want to say: Thank you for all of the work you put into this.
So now I want to become a higher tier patreon ($8) but can I change the current tier?

Yes you can change the tier. Thank you for your support.

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