Beep toggle option - Double beep?

So far I love the new interface/system. The new layout is clear, the extra options that didnt even come with my printer, and the full utilization of a pretty nice screen is a welcome change. (I thought it was just black and white!)

While poking around in the settings I was excited to find a “beep on press” option to turn off the annoying beeping when moving about the system. Unfortunately, when I discovered the option it was off (despite the beep still playing) and when I turned the option on it sounds like it beeps twice at the same time. Am I missing something or is it just a bug?

I have tried turning the switch on, and then restarting the printer to see if it would quit double beeping so i could turn it off but the beep persists.

Any help is appreciated.


  • Ben

Which printer, model number, version of ADVi3++, etc…? If you are not providing any information, it is difficult to reply.


Maker select plus P/N 15711

ADVi3++ 4.0.3 fresh install.


When do you buy it? It looks like you do not have the same LCD display than what I am aware of. If you have the possibility to give me the model number of the LCD display, it would be great.