Beep toggle option - Double beep?

So far I love the new interface/system. The new layout is clear, the extra options that didnt even come with my printer, and the full utilization of a pretty nice screen is a welcome change. (I thought it was just black and white!)

While poking around in the settings I was excited to find a “beep on press” option to turn off the annoying beeping when moving about the system. Unfortunately, when I discovered the option it was off (despite the beep still playing) and when I turned the option on it sounds like it beeps twice at the same time. Am I missing something or is it just a bug?

I have tried turning the switch on, and then restarting the printer to see if it would quit double beeping so i could turn it off but the beep persists.

Any help is appreciated.


  • Ben

Which printer, model number, version of ADVi3++, etc…? If you are not providing any information, it is difficult to reply.


Maker select plus P/N 15711

ADVi3++ 4.0.3 fresh install.


When do you buy it? It looks like you do not have the same LCD display than what I am aware of. If you have the possibility to give me the model number of the LCD display, it would be great.

Hello. I just flashed my “Balco 3D Printer Touch” from Aldi Belgium and have the same issue.
The flashed firmware is the 4.0.3


Can you please give me the model number of the LCD screen?


Of course, it is the one depicted in this post.

With the picture, I guess you have all the needed information.
If you need something in addition, you tell me.


But it is not a post from you. I need a picture of your LCD panel.

Here you are, boss!

Do you also have the version of its firmware? It is available under Info / Versions.

@andrivet, yes. Here you are:


I have various test displays including this exact one and with the same DGUS LCD Firmware. So I have no explanation so far.
I have created an issue: