Bed springs bltouch

Are people removing there springs once installing bl touch?

Also any thoughts on 3 bearing and springs vs 4?

I use 3 screws with springs on the two front & right rear corners and a screw with a friction nut (nylon insert) on the left rear corner. The bed would warp out of flatness without the fourth support. I am having problems with the automatic leveling reading properly, so I only use the BLTouch v3.1 for Z home.

I removed mine. You’ll of course have to come up with a way to affix the bed to the carriage since the springs are actually holding it up.

Thanks for tour thoughts guys,

I recently upgraded the y carrage and when doing so changed to 3 bearing and 3 springs method as I read leveling was better that way. Havent noticed much improvement so thinking will add back the 4 bearing and spring mount.

Think I will try removing springs and use some metal washer instead. Rely on the auto leveling and adjust washers to get it as level as possible.

I also use bltouch as a home as that seem to be the default now.

Very happy with result so far, just trying to improve things as much as possible.


What kind of problems?
I’ve also stopped using the BLTouch for leveling - only for z home - since it for some reason makes the gap between nozzle and bed way to high on the right side of the bed…
When doing the bltouch leveling routine, it shows that things are quite perfect, but when it starts to print, it will compensate more and more on the right side so things doesn’t stick to the bed…

Interesting, I’m actually finding slightly the opposite, not enough to stop using but the right side is lower for me and harder to remove that side of the print as its stuck down harder.

What does your bed visualizer/lvl readings look like.
Wonder if yours is lower on the left.

Mines lower on the right, (slight low on left and high in middle so I cannot lvl any better at the moment till I change the build plate.

I haven’t been able to get the automatic leveling to work either. There is a comment in another post that talks about z measurements being inaccurate because the X-rails are not straight. I replaced my X-rails but this didn’t help with the errors. I’m working on a new BLTouch mount that gets the sensor closer to the hot end.

I’d be interested to read that post?

I’ve used the default front mount recormend and looks to be doing it right the bed visualizer in octoprint comes up with a view if the bed ok.
It slopes down to the right a little from the centre.

I guess if its read something wrong and it doesnt slope to the right then it would be compensating when it doesnt need to leading to it printing closer to the bed on that side. Which it does. :thinking:

Be nice to get to the bottom of this.

Just striped down my printer change to 4 points and tested. Bed was easily pulled out of flat so reverted back to 3.

I got the manual lvl set perfectly. And deleted the g code for auto lvling in slicer settings, however it still tried to auto lvl. Must be using the leveling from the printer firmware.

Any ideas how to turn that off?

In pretty sure I’m nice and lvl but the auto lvling is getting in the way.

This has helped me sort my issue of the bltouch behaving wrong to one side.
For me I just adjusted the z axis braces I have, back to perfect square.