Bed leveling Balco 5.1 and Tronxy sensor (no BLTOUCH)

I use a Balco 3D printer (Aldi) the motherboard is a 5.1 Wanhao … I flash the firmware 4.0.6 but I don’t use BLTOUCH instead I have a Tronxy xy-08 that works perfectly.

I would like to know if it would be possible to add in the next firmware the possibility of changing the polarity of the Z-probe. I explain, I add a CD4049 to reverse the signal of the Z-probe with my Tronxy.

At the same time updating the bed level with my Anet A8 the measurement is done in 2 steps. a fast descent and a second at a slower speed which makes the measurement capture more accurate. Is it possible to adapt the firmware for its type of level sensor?

If not, I am satisfied with the result of the simple and effective modification, congratulations on your work.

Sorry for english it’s google translation

Looks like very specific to your setup so probably no.