Bed heating slowly

I’ve had a Monoprice Maker Select Plus for about a year and a half and have really enjoyed it. Recently, I purchased my second printer: a Prusa Mini and fell in love with the auto-leveling feature and removable bed. So last week I decided to add a BLTouch and a WhamBam bed and, while I was at it, I have always wanted to flash Marlin and set up Octoprint. So far, everything is going pretty well - I’m having a few issues with my starting gcode, but I’m working out all the kinks through this very helpful forum and am pretty confident I will get a successful print soon.

In the meantime, one oddity that I noticed is that since making the modifications (pretty much all at once - rookie mistake?) I noticed that my bed now heats up very slowly - as much as 10 seconds between degrees. My extruder heats up fine. Has anyone else noticed a similar issue?

This is not the right place to post this message as it is not related to ADVi3++ but to your particular hardware. So I move your message.