Balco M0/M25 Pause command issues

I have a Balco running ADVi3P++ 4.0.6 and my slicer is Simplify3d 4.1.2 and i primarily print via SD card, i have noticed two issues with the M25/M0 pause command (i’m using it to automatically pause at the right height to do a colour change)

First issue is that the M25 command fails to work and the printer hangs after the pause command.

Second issue is that the M0 command causes the resume window to show twice - it function from the first click however needs a second click of resume to clear the screen.

I am using the following script from S3D:

{REPLACE "\n; layer 20," "\n;***PAUSE***\nG1 E-1\nG28 Y10\nG91\nG1 Z20\nG90\nM300\nM400\nM0\nG28 Y10\nG91\nM300\nG1 E50\nM0\nG1 Z-20\nG90\nG92 E0\n;layer 20,"}

Which injects the following gcode:

G1 E-1
G28 Y10
G1 Z20
G28 Y10
G1 E50
G1 Z-20
G92 E0

Updated post to add formatting to code/script and more details on slicer version

I have to study that in more details, but I think those are bugs in ADVi3++.

I have checked and i have the same issue with my Wanhao i3 Duplicator Plus MK2 (with levelling probe)

Additionally the X axis when triggered to home in gcode doesnt home leaving the X in the same position (however it works fine when using the swap filament command on the touchscreen)

Is it possible to trigger the replace filament command via gcode?

Yes, same code so same bug.

Can you be more specific so I can reproduce it?


Its only on the Balco (with a BLTouch), if G1 X0 Y0 is sent to the printer it doesnt move but thinks it has moved. Occasionally it fails to move the X axis on start up home and i have to reset it.

I suspect the M600 command will be much more useful than my script!

Looks like it is an issue with your printer.

Hmm maybe - not sure where to start investigating though as the X end stop seems fine. Any suggestions?

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