Balco aldi pwm fan problem

i bought 2 balco printers .
one of them i installed a laser unit on the fan port , this was working well with the original fw .
The original fw was crap so i compiled advi3++ and installed it .

Now the laser flashes on of at low percentage .
The pwm signal seems different .
Can u please help me with this ?
I like this fw better than the original .

I have to check.

i installed a pre build fw and it is the same , when u pre heat and set fan speed to 10% its flashing .
With the balco fw it burns steady .
I think the pwm frequence is different .

i flashed wanhao fw and the laser burns steady even at 1% fan speed .
But now the screen info page does not display correctly .
Is there a way to alter the pwm fequency ?

ADVi3++ uses FAN_SOFT_PWM to solve an issue with the BLTouch. The difference you see when comparing with the stock firmware is probably related to that.

As this is not an issue with ADVi3++, I move this thread into a more appropriate category

If you are not using a BLTouch, you can try to uncomment FAN_SOFT_PWM.

u mean uncomment fan fix ? or in what tab can i find FAN_SOFT_PWM

Yes and then compile your own binary.

There are explanations here to compile:

i am not used to use platform io , where do i find the tasks button ? found it
And the configuration file i need to downl and copy to filder ?

Just do pio run or pio run -e i3plus

i need to uncomment fan fix ?

I already replied yes.

wel i dont know where to uncomment it ,
i compaled the other fw in arduino io
there was a config folder in the root . Here its empty .
i am missing something in de advanced manual ?


it seems to be already uncommented .

FAN_SOFT_PWM needsto be commented and FAST_PWM_FAN uncommented .

as for the screen flash .
How do i use the files on github under lcd-panel folder?

this is with original fw
This with adv
this with adv and altered motor steps and jerk .
Cant get it sorted .
Any other things i can try ?
or can i find the settings in original fw and implement them in adv?

I am a little busy in this period. Give me some time and I will go back to you.