Balco 3d printer touch HE180021 upgrade to 4.0.3 can not list files on SD card

I have just updated my Balco 3d Printer Touch HE180021 to ADVi3++ 4.0.3, both the LCD and main flashing completed without error. The functions from the LCD appear to be working, including pre-heat and manual bed levelling.

But when I insert an SD card with files on it (also tried the one that came with the printer) the LCD says “try to access the SD card” and then displays the temperature graph on the LCD and not the file list.

Based on the printer model number of HE180021, I flashed with the following images:

Have I flashed with one of the incorrect images?

Do you know the version number of your mainboard? I am not 100% sure, but apparently Balco produces two different printers (different mainboards), with the same model number.

This issue was resolved for me after I purchased a branded SD card to transfer print files. It seems the generic card that came with the printer was corrupt.