Backup Balco 3D Printer Stock Firmware prior to flashing

Good morning guys

I have been looking at changing the firmware on my Balco Touchscreen 3d Printer as I do a lot of prints through the night and don’t dance waking up one morning to a burnt out printer and spare room!

However I would like to back up the stock firmware incase it all goes a bit Pete Tong.

Can anyone here point me to the right instructions to do this.

On top of this I have looked through the instructions and it seems to be 3 different types of firmware for this printer, anyone tell me which one I should be using?

Printer was purchased in March of this year and it has a i3-Plus Mainboard V5.2C fitted if that helps.

Thanks in advance.


Edit: Changed to touchscreen instead of touch incase of confusion.

It is in the User Manual under “ Step 4 - Choose the right Mainboard firmware”.

In your case, it is the file ‘ ADVi3pp-HE180021-Mainboard-x.x.x.hex’

Hi Andrivet, thanks for the reply.

I have just been re reading the instructions…just to confirm I have the touch screen version of the Aldi Balco and according to the link you posted I read it that i should be using the: Aldi Balco 3D Touchscreen ’ ADVi3pp-Mainboard-x.x.x.hex ’ Not the ’ ADVi3pp-HE180021-Mainboard-x.x.x.hex ’

I know its not always good to question someones advice but I would prefer to get this right the first time if possible :slight_smile:

No sure to understand your message. But again, the right binary for you is ADVi3pp-HE180021-Mainboard-x.x.x.hex. Look at the behind of the printer, you should see the model number.

I maintain a list of printers here:

The only printer with a 5.2C motherboard is model HE180021.

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Thanks for the reply andrivet, I have managed to flash the LCD without any issues however when I try to flash the main board using Cura it says no connection can be found to the printer when you look at the photos there is a connection as it is being powered via the usb.

I then decided to try the advance method and downloaded Arduion but it is asking for the Marlin.ino file which according to the instructions is located in the folder…what folder is this as the hex file is greyed out when I try to select it!

Please help as I can’t go All day without my printing fix :wink:

EDIT: I have managed to flash using Cura by connecting it to a windows pc, for some reason Cura on my Mac does not like a USB connection.

image|375x500 image