Baby Steps Question

I know from another post that baby steps arent saved which is fine by me. My question though, is are they stored until the printer is rebooted? Do they persist through multiple prints? Or does “not saved” mean that the next print wipes out the steps?




Note: In version 5, it will be possible to save the Babysteps permanently. It will be optional and the default will be like in version 4.

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I did not realize they persisted until reboot. That would explain why my prints started failing like crazy after rebooting it ha. Thanks.

Loving the firmware. Hopefully the patreon helps keep this going!

In version 5, it will look like that:

Print Settings

The total amount of baby steps will be shown (in mm) and the checkmark is used to save this offset permanently (i.e. in EEPROM in Z offset).


That would be nice.
Is there a way to check the current status of baby steps in a session? M290 just sets it from what i can tell, but doesnt Echo back the current value.

Because there is no current value, by design.