Automatic levelling problem

I suspect the 9 Automatic levelling measures is not being applied to my prints.
A 100x 20mm print, 80% the filament is squishy the other 20% the filament is not squishy on the first layer, with a magnifying its easy to see the filament not squashed together.
As a result the 20% area is lifting after 10 layers
Please offer some help??

Can you please give some information about your printer? I have no idea if you have a Mark II, or a Mark I with a BLTouch you have installed yourself, etc. I can’t read in our mind.

Thank you for your quick reply, sorry about the lack of information.
The 3D printer : Cocoon Create with a BLTouch I installed myself.
Q. Should I see slight movement in the Z motors as the print head moving around the bed reflecting the auto levelling grid information??
Kind Regards

Yes. The sensor icon (in the Main screen and several other screens) should be orange. If it is gray, it means that something has disabled bed leveling compensation.

Hello Sebastien

Thank you for the sensor hint, it was gray, now orange, the Z motors are moving as its printing.

I went to the Sensor screen, reset, disabled, fiddled with all the options, now orange…Thanks

I have printing over 12 months without Z correction, small prints usually OK, wide items usually curled up due to poor adhesion and brims on the ends.

Thanks again