Auto-level issue in firmware 4.0.4

I installed firmware 4.0.4, in Settings I reset the settings, set the BL-Touch offset (for me they are x = 0, y = 72, z = 1.9).
Next Controls - Levelings - Automatic. The BL-Touch moves to the center of the bed, conducts a test twice, moves to X = 0 / Y = 0, and stops until it restarts on power.

Empirically revealed that the blame for the entire Y offset. If you set it to 7 or less, then the auto-level of the table goes fine. When Y = 8 or more, it freezes.

I had to roll back to 4.0.3

Looks like a bug. I recorded it here:

I will look at it.

I had a similar issue with mine, only the X=10.00, Y= -40.00 and Z=-0.79
I found it would work ok if I set the X down to 5.00.
The probe point is a little off, but its working and hasn’t given any trouble.
That was on 4.0.3.
I would hazard a guess that in your case the Y is just too far back. y=72.
The head can’t physically get the BLTouch to the 0,0 position so stops.
Most people mount their BLTouch at the front of the extruder where it is easier to see.

Must get round to updating the firmware again, just need the printer stopped long enough while I have the time to do it :slight_smile: