Auto level fails at different points on bed

i have a maker select plus with bl touch 3.1 using ADVi3++ 4.0.6 installed new main board and
set up printer again. while finalizing the BL Touch i 1st manually leveled the bed at all 9 points
but when i used autolevel it fails at different points of the bed (3,D,4) after each failure i manually leveled the bed and tried again no luck. at one of those points the nozzle presses into the bed causing it to fail.

This is very probably a soldering problem.

i took the board out and resoldered the pins i installed and its still failing the z2 motor keeps going past the point that the z1 motor stops at the z-stop switch the motor just keeps going

Sorry, I don’t understand.

you said it was probably a solder problem so i resoldered when i put everything back and tried to level the bed the z2 motor doesn’t stop when the z1 motor is stopped by the switch it keeps going down while the other stops , i cant the bed leveled to get the z height set for the bl touch to workIMG_0873.PNG the pic doesnt show it very well but one side is lower than the other and is pressing into the bed

i’ll try again i followed your last suggestion resoldered the pins put the printer back together leveled the bed manually reinstalled the advI3++ 4.06 w/ BL Touch set the z height. then i tried to autolevel it failed. (i noticed that the nozzle presses down into the bed when it fails) Am I doing something wrong or forgetting to do something

I see nothing in your picture. Where do you get your BLTouch from ? Can you post a link. And also a picture of the sensor. There are many fake ones and I do not support them.
How do you connect the BLTouch to your mainboard? Pictures will also help. Also of your motherboard.

This is the BL Touch from Bigtreetech (antclabs distributor)it was working well until I had the problem with the x-axis driver that lead to the main board replacement image image image image image image image image image

It is always better to tell me the whole story each time because I do not remember who has done what.

So the BLTouch with ADVi3++ 4.0.6 was working well until you had some issues with the X-axis. You change the board and now the X-axis is working well, right? But you now have some issues with the BLTouch.

So it looks like something (shortcut?) has fried your motherboard. Maybe it has also damaged your BLTouch.

I assume you have also verified the soldering of the Z-Probe pins, right? What you described looks like an issue at this level. And are you sure that you have a good contact between the header you soldered and the connector you put?

It doesn’t look like something related to BL-Touch. @myrtlerx says that the problem is a lack of synchronization between the two Z axle step motors. While one of them is stopping due to BL-Touch, the other one refuses to stop at all. I have no idea how these step motors synchronize, but the one failing is probably missing some logical connection.

You’r right. I was confused by the different strange behaviors of this printer. The two Z printer are connected together and controlled by the same pins. So if they have a different behavior, it is a hardware issue with them. Maybe they are not well plugged in. Or maybe something is damaged somewhere.

Which motor is connected to Z1 ? B or C ?

I can’t dismantle my printer right now. I will answer when I can. But not sure it is important.

Ok. Got info from wanhao. B-Z1. C-Z2

problem solved . my mods were at fault just wanted to say Thank You for the help

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