Auto bedleved xmax probe point

I broke my E stepper & needed to replace it.
Sadly only stepper available atm was with bit wider body than original. Maybe 5mm or something.

Now during auto bed level stepper end hits my printer right Z frame when probing probe point nr.3.
Any handy workaround awaileble.

Quick and dirty one is to change HW a bit. Y axis stepper to X axis one and vice versa, but in case of software solution I would not bother to…

Please give more information. I only have a vague idea of what you are talking about.

when I start auto bed level 2 first probing points goes fine. 3rd one my x-stepper hits right Z-frame on the right hand side. (because my replacement motor it bit wider than the stock one). X stepper stall a bit, I believe.

Looking a possibility to have probing points 3,6 and 9 to be bit more left to avoid stepper end to bang the frame.

For that, you have to modify the firmware.

maybe the best is to change the steppers then.
Upsides of the HW change:

  • I´ll get more powerfull stepper for Y axis, which is the biggest load to move in the machine.
  • I´ll get some weight of the extured setup putting smaller stepper there.

I believe, those both are very good things for print quality and stability.