Arc Welder Support?

Was reading/watching an article today on Arc Welder, is this supported through the current version of ADVi3P++? If not will it be enabled on v5?

No idea of what you are talking about.

Apparently it needs the arc_support enabled in Marlin?

I’d assume that as the current 4.0.6 is using 1.1.9 Marlin that its not possible to use but hopefully in the v5 that you’re working on, it will be usable?

ARC_SUPPORT is enabled in ADVi3++, including in version 4.0.6. However, I have never tested this plugin so I have no idea if it is working with ADVi3++. I currently have no plan to test it. Finishing version 5 is the priority.

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Yes ARC Welder works very well with 4.0.6. I regularly see file size reductions of 50% or more with ARC Welder. The print time does reduce much but the printed object has better surfaces.

I to can confirm that Arc-Welder works on ADVi3++ with OctoPrint quite well.

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