Alternative to BLTouch

Hello Sebastian… I have a question, I am now obsessed with using flexible build plates (so Quick and easy) but none of my three printers (Wanhau i3 plus, D6 and an JGAroura A5) have perfectly flat surfaces… so… Mesh bed leveling should be the answer… Correct?

That said, I have had some financial issues and cannot afford Bltouches…
What do you think of KOLBs answer to ABL using a Tactile Micro Switch ? My thinking is to design a mount that manually flip out of the way… run the ABL sequence, save the readings and add a M420 S1 command to my slicers start gcode. or am I just Crazy?

Thank you for all you do… You have helped to make my 3d printing experience so much more enjoyable !


As these switches are not made for that, the signal will bounce a lot and give you false and unreliable readings. To avoid too much bouncing, you can use a capacitor, but it will delay the triggering. You can try, but I do not think it is a good idea.

I see… Thank You. I will save up for a BLTouch…

If you buy a BLTouch, I recommend to buy on ebay, from the official store of the manufacturer, ANTCLABS. They always have the latest version. Resellers have often old versions.

Will Do… I see the ebay discription but it does not say what version it is? Are you sure it is the latest version? I amy just bite the bullet and put it on a credit card.

Yes, they always have the latest version