Aldi (UK) printer Y Axis limit acting as Z axis limit

As the title says, I home the machine it ploughts the Z axis into the bed and skips steps when it hits. I’m using the right HE180021 binaries, I’ve flashed a couple of different versions and even compiled from Arduino.

When homing, X and Y home fine, but Z acts like there’s no switch at all. The switch definitvely works, when I swap the Z switch into the Y port, it acts like it should. Under the diagnostics screen it shows up as PA2 for Y and PA1 for Z, if I push the Y switch manually PA1 goes out on the display, followed by PA2.

If I plug the Y switch into the Z port, nothing happens, it’s like the Z switch port doesn’t work at all.

Could I remap the switch to the EXT1 port? I feel at the moment I have a bit of a dead printer. It worked fine on the Balco firmware, I just wanted to update it, I’d love to have it working again, it’s for 3D printing services, it seemed pretty reliable, but I didn’t like the interface - hence the update.

I did scour the internet to see if anyone had the same issues, not by the seems though, cheers for the help in advance!