Aldi Balco HE180021 5.2C PCB

I just joined the forum.

I have an Aldi Balco printer which I just upgraded to firmware 4.06.

Everything went smoothly, both LCD firmware upgrade via sd, then firmware upgrade to custom printer via Cura 4.6

The control panel LCD is responsive when connected via USB, but the printer main power no longer starts. Without the USB cable there is a blank screen. The cable and the fuse in the back is good.

Any ideas?

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Tim Knights2020-04-22 12.49.52

There is probably some wires disconnected inside your printer. Check also on the back of the printer, where the flat ribbon cable goes.

I checked the printer internals and came to the conclusion that the additional power switch pcb had developed a fault (rather coincidentally at the same time as updating the firmware) so I have simply bypassed it.

This board (photo attached with modified bypass wiring) appears to produce an initial power on activation and relay energisation for the power supply activation, but then seems to require a signal, either continuous or pulsed in the form of a watchdog from the mainboard (2560 pin 17 PH5/OC4C) via a 2pin cable and into an opto isolator to maintain the power supply on.

Printer now powers up ok.

Thanks for the response anyway, look forward to trying the new firmware.


2020-04-22 balco power switch pcb

This board is currently not supported by ADVi3++. If I can, I will. Thank you for the detailed information.

Added those information and picture to the issue about the support of this board:

It is perhaps worth noting that on the power management board above the wiring as supplied/manufactured was “unconventional” when I checked it.

Connections to the board WERE, in reading order from left to right…

  1. Live in (supply)
  2. Neutral in
  3. a red wire to the PSU, presumably live out… WRONG
  4. a black wire to the PSU, presumably neutral… WRONG

I checked the board and noticed that pins 2 and 3 are connected, and therefore pin 3 is neutral out and pin 4 is switched live out via the relay.

To modify the wiring both to bypass the power switch board and to improve the conventional wiring colors for safety I performed the following modifications…

Removed the Red wire from pin 3 going to the PSU and commoned it onto terminal 1, (Live in).

Removed the Black wire from pin 4 going to the PSU and connected it to terminal 3 (common Neutral in).

As someone who used to layout PCBs from time to time, it’s generally good practice to keep to a certain convention of left to right terminal wiring rather than use the “mirrored” approach, though this can sometimes be found on low cost single sided circuit boards (or with lazy designers) as it makes layout somewhat simpler.

Its certainly bad and potentially dangerous to switch the convention of wiring colors within a mains power system.

So I fully understand:

You mean that the wire 1 (live in) is red but wire 4 (PSU live) is black? I know that colors for wires are a little messy since it is not the same conventions depending of the region, but at least it should be the same inside the printer…

Also, I get some feedback from various users that those boards are failing often.

Hello Sebastien,

When I received the printer the wire colors on that board were red,black,red,black. So one would assume that means live in, neutral in, live out, neutral out. But in fact pin 2 is connected directly to 3 by PCB traces, and pin 1 is routed to pin 4 via the relay. Potentially hazardous!

I am enjoying the new firmware. Works really well. Great work.

[Secondary information deleted, will post separately on another topic, feeling too conversational today!]

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I also had the auto power off system fail, when my printer with the 5.2C board was just a few weeks old. I sent it back to the UK distributor, who fixed it, and it’s been fine for the past 2 years. While dealing with them to get mine repaired it was apparent that this was a very common problem that they were having at the time.