After installing 4.0.3 z axis height is wrong

I’ve got a Monoprice Maker Select Plus which I just upgraded from ADVi3++ 3.0.2 to 4.0.3. After upgrade the Z-Axis height says 0, but the print head is relatively close to the middle (on the Z-Axis). I cannot get the print head to go down below 0 using the “Move” functionality. Do I need to manually turn the screws on the sides to move the print head down to the bottom, then turn the printer back on? X and Y axis seem to work fine.

Also (not sure if this is related, but adding it here just in case) I added a BLTouch Smart v 2.0 at the same time and it just blinks red when running the self-test. I can’t get the plunger to deploy. It did deploy previously on the previous version of ADVi3++. So to be clear, at power on, the BLTouch blinks red in even intervals. If I push the reset button in the sensor menu, it stops. If i try to deploy or retract the pin, it starts blinking again the same way until I hit the reset button.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Yes, this is normal. You have to home before.

So it looks like your BLTouch is not connected properly or it is defective. Red blinking means that it is in error state.

Thank you. On the homing before flashing, perhaps you could add a note at the top of the “How to Flash” page telling folks to home the Z axis before they flash. I would have done that if I had seen a hint about it first. Of course if that hint is already there, shame on me for not following the directions.

Now to try and figure out if I did a bad job soldering and one of the pins came loose or if I somehow broke the part while mounting it or if the part is bad. It did work before I flashed…

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Sorry, I don’t understand. There is no need to home before flashing.

Here is what I understood: When I flashed the printer the firmware reset the z axis 0 to be where the head was when I flashed. (Maybe this understanding is incorrect?)

If I had homed before I flashed, then when I was done flashing the printer head would be at 0 and the firmware would think it was at 0. Then I wouldn’t have to manually move the head back to the bed and re-level the head again. It’s not a requirement to home before flashing, but it would save time.

It does not work like that.

No, when you start the printer. When it starts, the firmware has no idea where the nozzle is so it assumes that Z=0. Until you home. When you home, the firmware knows where the nozzle is.

Home before flashing has no effect at all.

But when I hit home the head won’t go below 0. It just stops at 0.

Yes, because of your problem with the BLTouch: it is not able to home and stays here.

To complete the story, my BLTouch was bad. I bought a new one and hooked it up and everything is working now…