ADVi3pp-LCD-4.0.6.img is larger than 256MB microSD Card

The only microSD card that I have (less than 8MB) is 256MB.
I used Win32DiskImager to see if the file would fit onto this card and it stated that most of the space in the image was empty and asked if should I go ahead.
I said Yes and the DWIN_SET folder is less than 50 MB.
Is this microSD card safe to use?
Are the files available separately so I can copy these directly to the microSD card?

I found a 2GB card so I’m OK. Thanks

Yes, at the same place than the microSD image


So I presume this is the file, LCD-Panel part raw content. I just didn’t know what that was. I did successfully load the new firmware and I am very pleased, as you should be as well.

Yes, this is the right file.

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