ADVi3++ User Guide - Licenses

From time to time, I receive questions about ADVi3+, its licenses, how to get the binaries for free or similar requests. So here is how it works:

ADVi3++ Firmware part under the GPLv3 license

Some people are believing that “open source” means “open binaries”. It is not the case. I can provide binaries to however I want (ie. sponsors of the ADVi3++ project) providing that:

This does not mean that I have to provide binaries to everybody on earth. I provide them to however I choose. It also means that I do not have to provide source code to everybody. But I choose so by publishing on a GitHub public repository.

To support those claims:

ADVi3++ LCD part under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

People receiving the LCD part are free to:

  • Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
  • Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material

under the following conditions:

  • They must give appropriate credit to me
  • The may not use the material for commercial purposes
  • If they remix, transform, or build upon the material, they must distribute their contributions under the same license as the original

I consider commercial purposes (not exhaustive list):

  • Integration of ADVi3++ panels (or derivation of them) in a 3D printer you design and sell
  • Integration of ADVi3++ panels (or derivation of them) in a hardware part you design and sell (like for example replacement drivers to make the printer more silent).
  • The publication of the binaries on a Youtube channel. It does not depend if you are making money with this channel, Google/Youtube does.
  • More generally, the publication of the binaries on any website that have advertisements or any kind of subscription model (for example: Medium) whether or not you are making money with it (the advertisers do).

Be aware that if you are doing something I do not like, I can choose at my own discretion to exclude you from the ADVi3++ supporters and you will loose access to any future releases of the binaries. So I encourage you to contact me to know if what you want to do is OK.

Using ADVi3++ in a commercial product

In the past months, I have received requests to integrate ADVi3++ or some derivative in commercial products (for example: Silence 3D). I judge this case by case but until now, I have always agreed and without fees. So if you want to use ADVi3++ in a commercial product, do not hesitate to contact me and explain your project.

I am also able in some cases to make myself the modifications your may need to support your hardware. In this case, I am charging a very reasonable amount per hour of work. Again, until now, I have never charged a fee for the distribution of ADVi3++. But be aware that I do not have much time.

Why this licensing model and making money with ADVi3++?

At the beginning, it was mainly to cover my costs:

  • Buy hardware and better support the different flavors of modifications you can perform on your printer. For example, I have bought four BLTouch sensors: a classic, a smart v2, a smart v3.0 and a v3.1, just to be sure my support is fine for all.

  • I bought six different LCD screens because there are currently two different models used by the i3 Plus and also because I wanted to troubleshoot some nasty strange behaviors with only some screens (such as the inability to remove the “beeps” on some, or finding a may to “unbrick” some panels).

  • Recently, I bought a power loss module for the Mark II because I want to support it and I currently own only a Mark I

  • The rent of the server hosting the ADVi3++ Community and some other tools I use for development of ADVi3++ (such as GitLab).

  • Etc.

It is still true today and I continue to buy hardware to make the firmware better. But as the number of supporters has increased, I have to say that it is now a non-negligible source of revenue. As a consequence, I have decided to spend more time on ADVi3++ and this is what make the version 5 possible.

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