ADVi3++ 5 User Manual - What's New?

Here is a summary of the new features of ADVi3++ 5:

  • Based on Marlin 2: This was the most challenging and difficult. ADVi3++ 4 was based on Marlin 1.1.9, a version that is now obsolete. Since ADVi3++ 5 is based on Marlin 2, it is now possible to integrate its new features (like Junction Deviation that replaces Jerk).

  • A redesign Main panel: The main panel contains now more information like the time elapsed and the time to complete when printing.


  • Setup panels: When settings are reset (by the user, or when a new firmware is flashed), the Setup panel helps you configure your printer.



  • Leveling panel: All features related to leveling are now more directly accessible from the Main panel.


  • X Twist compensation: A very common mechanical issue is when the X rods are slightly twisted and as a consequence, [one side of the bed is too high or too low[/t/advi3-5-the-left-side-is-too-close-the-right-side-is-too-high-or-the-contrary/). This new tool helps measure and compensate this issue.


  • Direct entry of values: You can now directly enter values. When you tap on an underlined values, a keyboard appears.


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