ADVi3++ 4.0.4 Buzzer always on


New user here, I’ve just flashed my Balco (UK) printer with your newest 4.0.4 release.

I was really hoping to disable that annoying beeping that happens on every single press of the Touchscreen.

It seems the option is broken? As no matter if its enabled or not, the beep still happens.

Thanks for the great work.

No, it is not broken. But apparently, the manufacturer of the LCD panel has changed something recently. I will try to find what but it is not easy as I am not speaking Chinese.

And for info, it is recorded here:


With 4.0.5, it’s still not turning off the beep on the Aldi Balco printer.

Do you know the exact model of your LCD display?

Followup on this issue: I have found a solution. Will be part of version 5.0.