Adaptive Fan slowing

Is there adaptive fan slowing or something similar? My fan mods work a little too well and after my third layer when the second fan comes on, most prints cool down by over 10 degrees, triggering the temperature warning and stopping the print. I don’t want to disable the temperature warning in the event that something fails and the temperature rises to too high of a temperature.


Are you talking about the PWM fan? It’s speed is variable and this is controlled by your slicer. I am not sure I understand what you mean? Can you give more information?

On all my prints, cura is set up to turn the second front fan that points at the extruder on after layer 2 or 3. with my printer mods to enhance cooling, it unfortunately cools a little too well. For example, a print that needs to stay at 230 drops all the way to 220 or a little lower and triggers the temperature warning and stops the print. I turned to discord to see what I might do to fix this without just disabling temperature warnings - and someone said “You could enable adaptive fan slowing in firmware” But I don’t see any option for adaptive fan slowing or anything like that in the settings or the documentation, so I was wondering if there was any feasible way around this to get my printer printing again.


I don’t think so. Maybe in Marlin 2, but not in Marlin 1.

But why are you not using Cura to start slowly the fan and speed it up after some layers? Something like this:

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 18.01.55

Sounds good, I’ll try that. Thanks!