Actual printing time

Hey there,

The actual printing time is in most cases double than the time calculated by simplify3d.

Is there anyone with the same problems on the i3plus with the latest firmware?

This mostly has to do with disparity between your feed/move rates in Simplify3d and limits set in the firmware for your printer.

You could check your firmware settings and edit your slicer profile to match those to get more accurate estimates, but I doubt it’ll be 100% accurate. S3D doesn’t get this information directly from your printer, and I DO NOT suggest you up your printer’s settings to what you have set in S3D, as your quality will suffer.

Essentially, if S3D slices a part and inserts a move on the X-Axis at 1000mm/s, but your printer’s Acceleration, jerk, or max speed on the X-Axis are set lower, then the move will be limited. I’ve learned to ignore my print estimates in my slicer unless they don’t make sense for the size of the thing I’m printing.

It seems that there is very little that can be set in s3d when it comes to firmware settings of the printer.

But you could find out what maximums you have set in firmware and go set similar values in S3D. This person, for instance, found that their travel moves were being limited by the firmware, so they set their travel speeds lower in S3D. The actual travel speed didn’t change, as it was still getting limited, but S3D stopped calculated print time based on higher travel speeds.