Access to Binaries (sorry i'm new)

Just added an ALDI HE180021 Balco 3D Printer Touch to my new hobby to accompany a Monoprice Mini Delta which I have had for just over one year.
I am interested in upgrading firmware etc to help get the best out of the printer. I have become a supporter on Patreon and was wondering how or when I could get access to the binaries that are available for 4.0.5. I have tried, but get no further, than a page telling me I have no rights to proceed to the binaries.
I may have missed something along the way regarding instructions on how to access binaries and apologise for any errors made by myself.

Finally a big thank you for allowing me into the ADVi3 Community and hope that i may be able to contribute, in a useful way, in the future.

As far I can see, you are not a supporter on Patreon. Have you used another email address? If so, the system can’t guess you are the same person.

Yes, you have used a different email address: on Patreon, here.

Both email addresses are to the same account. I have noticed that some sites change gmail to googlemail. This being the case anyone registering with will hit the same problem i’ve had.

So far, you are the only one. Please use the same email address so you will get access to the binaries.