About the Discuss about Mods category

This category is there you can discuss about Printer Mods (modifications):

  • For ADVi3++ support questions, please continue to use ADVi3++ Get Help.

  • For general concerns about printers, please use Printer Stuff.

  • Here, you can make general posts, not only questions. For example, to share some experience, your favorite mods, etc.
    Please always make sure to:

  • use only English.

  • use a descriptive title - summarize your topic or question in a handful of words so that someone scanning through the latest topics will immediately know if that is something they might be able to help you with. “Mod” is not descriptive.

  • be patient and friendly - if someone can help you, they will. Bumping a topic and screaming for attention will not get you help any faster, probably the opposite.

  • do not open more than one topic for the same issue - you are only making it harder for people wanting to help you if you force them to constantly switch topics. Just stick to “one topic per topic”.

  • do not mention more than one issue - If you have multiple issues, open multiple topics.