5.2c X axis issue

Hi all

New here.

I have have my Balco for over a year, loads of upgrades but finally got round to instaing advi3.

Mine is done via a silenc3d kits to shut the X and y axis up.

My board is a 5.2c and I’ve downloaded the files off their site. But I don’t know how credible they are and if they differ from the ones the patrons get.

I thought it may be adapted since it uses different drivers on a separate board pined into the 10 pin socket.

The issue I am having is the X axis only moves one way. Regardless of which way it is commanded. I’ve swapped the wires to the y carridge and that then does the same.

I then reflashed to 5.1, an all works well accept the z axis ignores the endstop and smashes into the bed.

I don’t really know what to do to be fair.

I’ve looked on GitHub at redownloading the files but that is a bit beyond me as I don’t know what it what.

Help appreciated

It is based on ADVi3++, but they have modified it (i.e. it is a fork). Please see with them for support.


ok will do, that’s me stuffed for now then.

many thanks

I believe this is sorted.

The 5.2c mainboard has an issue with utilising pin 6 on the 10pin connector.

Once changed to pin 2 on the J3 connector, it sends the direction signal fine.

@James_Bonham Why are you saying that? I do not remember such problem. Pin 6 is OK.


Pin 6 doesn’t work correctly.

I myself along with another have both used the Silence3D boards. Which require the use of the 6th pin on the 10 pin connector. The 6th pin does the X axis Direction.

Once this is changed to the J3s 2nd pin to control the X axis works fine.

Therfore the 6th pin on the 10pin connector on the 5.2c board is… Faulty

Thank you for the information. I will update my guide accordingly.

@James_Bonham I try to figure out these differences between mainboards and what I found is not what you explained.

On the mainboard 5.2C, pin 6 of EXT is PC2 / 35. X axis is controlled by PF7/61, PK0/62 and PF6/60, like for the 5.1 mainboard. Pin 2 on the J3 connector is PE4/6 and is used by the endstop Z_STOP_PIN (where for the 5.1 mainboard, it is PA1/23).

Maybe it is something very specific to the Silence3D board?