5.2C Hardware issue

Hi All, I seam to have a very weird issue with my 5.2C hardware, after a flash my hot-end sensor now reads 28c…even with the sensor removes from the board… i have tried to reflash with several version of the firmware but the issue still remains… Could anyone explain this issue ?..

Can this be fixed by simply replacing a. resistor?..

EDIT - I have managed to chase the sensor pin down to an IC 5BTLI R5R (I cant find any info on this chip)

EDIT 2 - After checking all I/O with the diagnostic screen it would seam i’ve lost the Z-Min switch as-well

Note: Since this is apparently not related to the firmware, I move this to a more appropriate category.

Can you go in the Tunings / Diagnosis screen and tel what you are reading under PF1?

My Apologies good sir i realised after posting this may have been in the wrong category.

Under PF1 it is bouncing between 969 - 980

Sorry but I am completely lost and do not understand at all what is your problem.

I have flashed the 4.0.5 bltouch on V5.2C board. after the firmware flash had competed the board rebooted and was reading 28c on the hot end even with the sensor unplugged, You asked me what PF1 was reading…( PF1 it is bouncing between 969 - 980 )… i have also discovered that the Z-Min Input does not function.

I have attempted to go back to previous firmwares with the same result, the hot end is still reading 28C and the Z-Min input still does. not function.

Would there be any reason for the firmware to cause these issues?

This is clearly not a firmware problem but a hardware one. What i don’t understand is why you are talking about a mk ii board.

Sorry for the confusion, That was not relevant to this post

980 corresponds to ~ 23°C and 969 to ~ 28°C so the firmware is working correctly and it is a hardware problem.

Thank you for the help good sir it is much appreciated, Would you happen to know if I can remap the pin to a spare on the EXT connector?

No, I don’t think so. At least no easily.

Thats ashame, Its a decent board apart from the sensor line.

Maybe the pin #2 (PF2) since it is analog.