1/2 automatic bed level 4.06?

Hi from Finland,
trying to follow the instructions below to apply bed leveling using micro switch. Want to do the leveling time by time, when see it mandatory, but “daily runs” use mainly the stored mesh values.

I believe this instructions is done for earlier version of ADV3++, right?
Also I did understood that Z min switch is no more active in ver. 4.06.
Bit worried about the lack of ZMin endstop in 4.06.

So do You have any tips, how to take in use the “1/2 automatic” auto bed level in current version 4.06 of ADV 3++?

I can´t see any sense to downgrade my version.

I suppose, but I have not read the article.

What? No, it is still there. It is not used only with a BLTouch.

Are you talking about the BLTouch or something else?

I am talking about attaching tactile switch “probe” with a manually turned arm, as mentioned the article I did link my first post.

Since it is about a modification (a Mod) of the printer, this is not the right category. I am moving it.

This is not supported by ADVi3++. The only sensors I am supporting is BLTouch and the stock sensor of Mark II.

I will not read this article. No time for that.

If you have precise questions, I can try to answer them.

Ok, a question:
Documentation says building from source BLTouch version with Arduino Ide I need to follow this procedure.
Link gives me oops. Where to get the documentation to study myself?

Where do you find this dead link? The link has changed, it is:


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