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About the ADVi3++ Troubleshooting category 1 June 9, 2019
The LCD panel behave strangely: When you press somewhere, it activates an element at a different place 8 September 3, 2019
BLTouch unable to do automatic bed leveling: it stops when reaching the 1st leveling point 1 July 7, 2019
The left side is too close, the right side is too high (or the contrary) 8 June 23, 2019
My BLTouch is not working: it deploys and stows its pin, but it does not detect the bed when homing the printer 1 June 9, 2019
When trying to flash the mainboard, the computer does not see the printer 1 June 9, 2019
After reassembly, the LCD displays nothing 1 June 9, 2019
The LCD-Panel part does not flash properly 1 June 9, 2019